Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Dazzles Fans with Her Flawless Face

YoonA, from Girls’ Generation, proves why she’s their dedicated “center.”

On December 16, she posted a picture of herself and used it as her latest social networking profile picture.

Inside the picture, YoonA holds a peace sign near her face showing off her glittery manicure. Her wavy brown hair is parted on the side giving off a lovely vibe. Her eyebrows are colored to match her hair, which seems to be the “it” make up trend this season. The bulbs decorating the framed mirrors in the background shows that she’s at the hair shop getting ready for a schedule.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “So her ‘V-line’ chin and her ‘V pose’ creates a ‘W,’” “Her eyes look like deers. It’s so clear,” “Her selca isn’t cheap nor common.”

Meanwhile, it’s been previously reported that Girls’ Generation will make a comeback in Korea on January with 4th full album.