Yoon Hyung Bin Proposes: “Will You Marry Me?”

Comedian Yoon Hyung Bin has finally asked his girl friend Jung Kyung Mi to marry him! On national tv!

On KBS’s variety program “Gag Concert,” Jung Kyung Mi said, “I read on the news that Yoon Hyung Bin is going to propose to me. He hasn’t told me anything yet. Thus, I will announce to end this relationship today!”

Meanwhile, Yoon Hyung Bin made a sudden appearance on his girlfriend’s sector and said, “I would like to sue Jung Kyung Mi!” Yoon Hyung Bin continued, “Jung Kyung Mi is a bad woman. She took all my heart, and everything! She makes me feel like kissing her in front of all this people! She has to be sentenced forever.”

Yoon Hyung Bin suddenly opened up a ring case and asked his girlfriend, “Would you like to live with me forever?” The couple soon made a romantic kiss on the stage. Everyone was happy for the couple and celebrated the event.