Kim Hee Sun Explains Her Nickname “Tomato”

“I was nicknamed tomato because I would drink so much,” confessed actress Kim Hee Sun on SBS’s variety talk show “Healing Camp.” “Tohago, Mashigo, Tohago” is translated “Puke, Drink, Puke” in English. In short, it becomes TO MA TO.

Also, Kim Hee Sun shared why she chose to appear on “Healing Camp” rather than other TV programs. She shared, “Honestly, I was contemplating whether to appear on ‘Martian Virus.’ I have been considering it for awhile but was too afraid to.”

Her confession made everyone surprised. Kim Hee Sun explained why she thought about appearing in the other variety program, which is because of her very youthful face. MC Lee Kyung Gu of “Healing Camp,” who also MCs “Martian Virus,” said, “You are the most suitable guest for ‘Martian Virus!.’”