Wonbin Is the New Face of Biotherm Homme

Perfectly handsome actor Wonbin is now the new model for the male cosmetics brand Biotherm Homme. He will officially begin activities as the model in January.

A representative of Biotherm said, “We conducted a survey prior to choosing our model. More than half of our male and female surveyors chose Wonbin, which played a big part in choosing our model.” He continued, “Wonbin has both manly charisma and soft fineness, so he is popular with both men and women. Since he also one of Korea’s top actors, he enhances the luxurious image that Biotherm Hommes has.”

Wonbin responded, “I am happy to be the new model of a brand that I am familiar with. I will do my best to promote this global brand in a professional manner.”

Wonbin will have a special pictorial as the model for Biotherm that will highlight his intensity and masculinity.