Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Reveals Her Real Tattoo on “SNL Korea”

In a skit on “Saturday Night Live Korea”, Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls excited several of her male students.

On the December 15 episode of “SNL Korea” Narsha, who was one of the hosts along with her fellow BEG members, played a high school teacher who say saying good bye to her students. When a student came in late, she punished him by slapping him on the butt with the palm of her hand. After seeing this, another male student cried out, “I was late too!”

Narsha then told her students to turn to page sixty-nine in their language book while taking off her jacket. Underneath, Narsha was wearing a skin-tight backless black body suit that exposed her bra strap and her butterfly tattoo, making the male students cry.

In the same episode, Narsha did a very sexy reading of a poem and performed sexy dances that just increased the sadness of her devastated students.

Ga In also revealed something sexy in another skit in the same episode.