Sung Shi Kyung Blames His Alter Ego for Not Being Able to Sell Concert Tickets

“Ballad King” Sung Shi Kyung shared his problems on KBS’s 1 Night 2 Days.”

On the December 16 episode of “1 Night 2 Day” the members opened the show with the comment, “Because of ‘1 Night 2 Day,’ Sung Shi Kyung has received some damages.”

Lee Soo Geun said, “After joining this show, it seems that Sung Shi Kyung hasn’t been selling concert tickets. Before they would sell out, but now they’re not selling. The crew should be held responsible.”

Sung Shi Kyung replied, “I think people have forgotten that I’m a singer. Sungchoongie became too big.” Sunchoongie is the nickname he received on the show. He explained, “Because of Sungchoongie, my ballad image is disappearing.”

Netizens sent messages to cheer him up. “You are still Sung Shi Kyung…”, “I totally forgot Sungchoongie is a ballad singer”, “I will go to your concerts” were some of the comments.

Sung Shi Kyung will hold is “2012 Last Day” Concert in Seoul on December 30 and 31.