Rainbow’s Jo Hyun Young Shares Selca After Losing 18 Pounds

Jo Hyun Young, from girl group Rainbow, is in the spotlight for successfully losing weight. It’s been revealed that she lost 8kg (17.6 pounds).

She is currently trending on several online community sites under the title “Could’ve been thought of photoshop, Jo Hyun Young’s scrawny legs” and a recent picture of her is included.

Inside the picture, she’s posing cutely inside a narrow bathroom. She gives off a lovely aura with her see-through bangs, pursed lips and a red knitted sweater on top of her black dress. But her rather skinny legs, further exaggerated by wearing high heels, changes the atmosphere of the picture.

Netizens who saw her post-diet pictures commented, “Jo Hyun Young is incredible for succeeding her diet,” “Her legs are so skinny they look like they’re going to break,” “I hope she lost it in a healthy way!”