Yoo Seung Ho Apologizes After Praising Himself as “CG Man”

At the press conference of MBC “I Miss You,” Yoo Seung Ho picked his flawless looks as the number one contributor to the drama’s popularity. When asked, “What do you think the secret of ‘I Miss You’ in being the most watched drama in its time slot?” Yoo Seung Ho quickly responded, “Because I’m a CG man,” and apologized even more quickly, “I think that comment was a mistake.”

Recently, Yoo Seung Ho garnered much attention with the title “CG Man.” Netizens came up with the term “CG Man” to praise Yoo Seung Ho’s unrealistically good looks and flawless skin shown in “I Miss You.” Although Yoo Seung Ho was quick to apologize for his self-praising comment, netizens seem to not mind it. Netizens commented, “Seung Ho, you are a CG man. No need to apologize,” and “Yoo Seung Ho’s quick apology about his CG man comment, was that necessary?”