BTOB Becomes the First K-Pop Artist to Perform at “Thai Supermodel Contest”

BTOB performed at “Thai Supermodel Contest 2012” on December 13 in Bangkok, Thailand. BTOB was the first K-pop artist to be invited and perform at this event. BTOB performed “Secret,” “Born to Beat,” “Wow” and other songs and brought the house down. 

BTOB’s performance was broadcasted throughout Thailand through all seven major broadcasting companies. As soon as BTOB got on the stage, all 1000 people in the audience, including staff members of the event and broadcasting companies, got up on their feet to enjoy the performance. After the “Thai Supermodel Contest 2012” was over, fans and viewers have been asking these broadcasting companies to re-air BTOB’s performances. Member Peniel commented, “We are honored to be the first K-pop artists to perform at the Thai Supermodel Contest.” 

BTOB returned to Korea on December 15 after their first visit to Thailand. They are currently preparing for various end of the year award shows and United Cube concerts.