MBLAQ to Sing for “King Of Dramas” OST

Following Lee Hyun and Super Junior‘s Yesung, idol group MBLAQ will be singing for the “King Of Dramas” OST.

The name of the song is “Because It’s Heaven” and will be revealed for the first time on episode 13, which airs on December 17.

“Because It’s Heaven” has a fast beat and will have MBLAQ’s signature, explosive vocals. It will match the fast-paced and heart-pounding atmosphere of the drama.

The other “King Of Dramas” OST tracks such as Lee Hyun’s “Keep In Your Heart” and Yesung’s “Blind For Love” have different sounds than “Because It’s Heaven” by MBLAQ. While “Keep In Your Heart” has a happy sound and “Blind For Love” has a sad sound, “Because It’s Heaven” will portray the heart-pounding feelings in the drama.

A “King Of Dramas” staff member commented, “It’s a fast-tempo song with singing and rapping mixed together. The track will highlight the story line’s tense and conflicted moments. MBLAQ’s charms will definitely shine through the song.”