“School 2013’s” Kim Woo Bin Reveals How He Beats The Winter Chill

Actor Kim Woo Bin recently revealed how he likes to keep out the winter chill while staying adorable as ever.

On December 17, Kim Woo Bin made an update on the me2day account of his agency, Sidus HQ , where he showed netizens how he likes to fight the winter cold. In the photos, Kim Woo Bin uses a thick jacket which helps keep the warmth trapped close to his body, a blanket, gloves and earmuffs. He also uses a hot pack to hold between his hands and next to his face. The articles of clothing and warmth have cute patterns and designs that give Kim Won Bin an adorable look. 

These cute images of Kim Won Bin was a stark contrast to his current role in “School 2013,” where he’s known as the “best fighter”.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Kim Won Bin looks charismatic even in those adorable gloves”, “It must be difficult to be filming out in the cold. Fighting!” and “Those bunny earmuffs look adorable on you”