BEG’s Ga In Poses For Sexy Christmas Lingerie Photo Shoot

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In has recently posed for a sexy lingerie photo shoot.

Ga In displayed her gorgeous body through a Christmas photo shoot for the underwear brand “Yes.” The theme of the photo shoot is “Lovely Christmas” and portrays the lovely and happy atmosphere of a young female.

Ga In shows off her shapely legs and her golden body proportions. Ga In is sporting a red with green lining bra with a matching cardigan in one photo. In another, she is sporting a gray polka dot bra and panty set with red straps. In both photos, Ga In wears white over the knee socks to emphasize her legs.

Ga In is topping headlines for her rising sex appeal in the recent weeks. Not only did she make her solo come back with the rated-R music video for “Bloom,” she made some racy moves on a recent episode of “SNL Korea (although she says she doesn’t like to be called racy). Ga In, along with the rest of the Brown Eyed Girls’ members, are also preparing for a 19+ concert on December 24 and December 25.