miss A’s Fei’s Striking Resemblance To Actress Kim Ah Joong

miss A’s beautiful Fei recently posted a twitter picture of herself that features a beauty beyond words. On December 18 she tweeted, “Good Morning! Fighting today as always.”

In the posted picture, Fei is wearing an orange-colored sweater. Her flawless long hair is flowing and she is staring at the camera. Her beautiful facial features and confident expression appeared to be strikingly similar to that of actress Kim Ah Joong.

Netizens who came across the picture stated, “Good morning,” “You are so pretty,” “I hope you have a good morning as well Fei,” “Fighting,” “She is really pretty,” and “I just realized she looks a lot like Kim Ah Joong!”

What do you think Soompiers? Do you think miss A’s Fei resembles Kim Ah Joong?