T-Ara: “We Will Not Endorse Alcoholic Beverages”

Girl group T-Ara revealed that they will courteously turn down any alcoholic beverage endorsements even if the deals are lucrative.

On December 18, the group’s agency Core Contents Media revealed that T-Ara will not be models for alcoholic beverages because the group has a heavy influence on teenagers and younger children and want to set a good example as role models.

An official from the company explained, “Besides T-Ara’s maknae Ahreum, who is underage, the rest of the members are adults. Even so, many youth copy their dances, songs and fashion and we decided not to endorse those types of products to avoid encouraging the drinking culture.”

Soompiers, it’s interesting the agency brought this up. Do you think idols endorsing alcoholic drinks are bad influences to underaged children?