Lee Hyori Secretly Helps Out The Elderly

It was reported that singer Lee Hyori secretly visited a redeveloped area, located in Ahyun-dong in western Seoul, in order to help out the elderly.

According to the Beautiful Organization blog, Lee Hyori, photographer Kim Tae Eun and fellow make-up artists visited 15 elderly people to spend time with them, to give them hats that they had hand-made themselves, and to take pictures together. The singer had originally planned to help deliver briquets. However, due to other circumstances, she brought her friends along to participate in this beneficial volunteer work instead.

A representative of the Beautiful Organization said, “It’s hard for these elderly people who are living alone. It was really a truly meaningful gift.”

Lee Hyori also volunteered last year in the same area by delivering briquets, rice and other items for daily use. In the beginning of this year, the singer also donated 100 million won to the elderly of the Beautiful Organization.