Kim Hee Sun Quit Emceeing Because of Her Hair?

Actress Kim Hee Sun revealed on the SBS “Healing Camp” that she stopped her work as the host of a variety program because of her “bomb”hair.

On the show, MC Han Hye Jin asked, “Your hair looked like a bomb in the drama ‘Wedding Dress.’ I heard that that hair grabbed a lot of attention during the IMF period. Is that true?” The actress answered, “They did tell me that my hair made me look rich. That’s also the reason why I stopped emceeing as well. It looked too extravagant.”

Kim Hee Sun made her debut during her junior year of high school; and while she still is, Kim Hee Sun was once called the most beautiful woman during the 1990s. Her hit dramas “Mister Q,” “Goodbye My Love,” “Tomato,” and “Wedding Dress” further cemented her status as an A-list Korean actress.