Comedian Jung Hyung Don Shows Off His Friendship With Song Joong Ki

On the filming of MBC’s “Weekly Idol” that will be aired on December 19, Girl’s Day appeared as special guests to show off their adorable charms.

When Girl’s Day’s members admitted that they are all huge fans of actor Song Joong Ki, MC Jung Hyung Don claimed that he knew the actor personally and made a spontaneous phone call.

Surprisingly, Song Joong Ki answered the call and had brief conversations with the members of Girl’s Day. In addition, Song Joong Ki proved Jung Hyung Don’s claim of friendship by inviting Jung Hyung Don to go for a drink with him.

It was later revealed that Jung Hyung Don appeared to be very proud of himself for having such a popular friend.

Netizens who heard this news replied, “Perhaps they became friends when they recently met on the shooting of ‘Infinity Challenge,’” “I wonder when they became friends. I am curious,” “How nice of Song Joong Ki to ask Jung Hyung Don out for a drink!”