Top CF Models Lee Seung Gi and PSY Appear Together in Samsung CF

Recently, “Korean CM Strategy Office” announced that singers Lee Seung Gi and PSY have ranked first and second respectively on the November’s CF model popularity list.

Lee Seung Gi has scored 10.05% while PSY received 6.81%. Following them closely behind were actress Kim Tae Hee, actor Song Joong Ki and figure skater Yuna Kim.

Currently, Lee Seung Gi is working as the main model for Zipel, KB Financial Group, Pizza Hut, Chung Jung Won, Activia, KB Card, Perioe, Kolon Sport, and Heritory, while PSY stars in CF’s for T Smart Learning, LG U+, Nolboo , Zipel, Condition, and Dry Finish.

Lee Seung Gi and PSY have recently united to film a CF titled “Tired PSY/Lee Seung Gi gives him Kimchi” for Samsung Zipel Assak refrigerator. This CF has become currently the most effective commercial, and experts predict that the union of these two popular singers will greatly boost up Samsung’s revenue.