U-Kiss Will Be Singing OST for Upcoming NHK’s Japanese Drama

Group U-Kiss’s song “ALONE” has recently been selected as the main theme song for the upcoming Japanese NHK’s drama, “Bookstore Worker Michiru’s Personal Story.” The first episode will air on January 8, 2013.

“ALONE” is U-Kiss’s sixth Japanese single, which will be released in February next year. What impressed the fans the most is the fact that they have been chosen for such a big project when it has only been one year since U-Kiss made their debut in Japan. As well, the popularity of K-Pop has recently been cooling down in Japan, making U-Kiss’s accomplishment even more surprising.

“Bookstore Worker Michiru’s Personal Story,” based on the novel by the popular writer Sato Shogo, tells a story of a girl named Michiru who wins 200,000,000 yen. The main character will be played by the Japanese actress Toda Erika.

Meanwhile, U-Kiss reached third place on Oricon Daily Ranking with their recent fifth single “Distance.”