f(x)’s Sulli Makes a Weird yet Adorable Fashion Statement

Female idol group f(x) member Sulli recently shared a unique but adorable selca with her fans. 

On December 18, Sulli updated her me2day, writing, “I have blue eyes too”, and uploaded the following photo. 

What’s unique about Sulli’s selca is the bizarre hairpins that have replaced her eyes.. The bows have plastic eyeballs of blue pupils stuck on them and have an eerie look to them. However, with her tye dye shirt and adorable gesture, Sulli erased any traces of spookiness, replacing them with her adorable charm.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Only Sulli could pull off a look like that and still look completely adorable”, “What an eclectic choice of style”, “Sulli’s cute”, “Sulli have the fourth dimensional level of charisma about her” and “Those looks like hairpins that Krystal would like.”