Kara’s Han Seungyeon Misses Not Having To Diet

Girl group Kara‘s Han Seungyeon complains about dieting.

On December 18, Han Seungyeon tweeted, “I want to go back to the past. There was a time when I could eat peanut butter by the spoon-fulls, eat instant ramyun with my friends late at night and eat four to five meals a day and still not gain weight. Oh, why didn’t I appreciate eating like that more?”

Netizen’s who know that Han Seungyeon has a great figure started to complain and posted comments such as, “Are you kidding? I want to hit you!”, “I really wish I even had a time where I could eat like she did”. Meanwhile, other people posted commented in concern: “Don’t diet too much”, “You look just perfect now”, “Even if you diet, your health is more important”.

In other news, Seungyeon made her first solo performance last week on Music Core with “Guilty .”