Park Shin Hye Earns Her Title As The “Aegyo Queen”

On December 18, Park Shin Hye made a guest appearance on SBS‘s “Strong Heart,” where she showed her various charismatic expressions and gestures. 

She began by saying, “I’m the type of person who has lots of aegyo, and recently I’ve been getting from people that my voice is full of aegyo too. The truth is, my mother is also full of aegyo, so I think I got it from her.”

Park Shin Hye claimed her title as the “Aegyo Queen” by then demonstrating what her charming aegyo go-to moves were. She performed the ever popular train of cute moves that count from 1 to 6 with adorable gestures paired with each. Then Mir was asked to follow suit. The studio admired the aegyo that the pair showed. 

Park Shin Hye also made headlines with professing her love for exercising on the show. 

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