Han Chae Young Decorates a Ginormous Christmas Tree

Han Chae Young gets ready for Christmas by decorating a huge Christmas tree.

On December 16, the actress posted photos of herself on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, decorating a Christmas tree.

In the picture, Han Chae Young needs to use a ladder in order to hang Christmas ornaments. The tree, which is much taller than the 172 cm tall actress, is full of colorful ornaments. The base of the tree is also surrounded with toy snowmen, a train set, and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

To add to the warm Christmas atmosphere, her dog is also standing beside her on the ladder staring up at the tree. Han Chae Young expressed her holiday excitement by commenting in both Chinese and English, “I decorated a Christmas tree. It was really hard but I really like it! Especially the trains!”

Chinese fans were amazed to see the star’s Christmas tree and commented, “Because the tree is so tall, she looks so small,” ” Wow! Her dog is so adorable” and “How tall is the ceiling?”