Park Shin Hye Reveals the Secret behind Her Rising Beauty

On the show SBS’s “Strong Heart,” actress Park Shin Hye revealed the secret behind her rising beauty to which she honestly eplained, “I lost my baby fat and worked out a lot in the gym. Maybe that’s why I got prettier.” When asked whether she liked her face on screen or in real life, she answered, “Well, I heard from a lot of people that I look better in person. Also, many think that I’m short, but I am actually 167cm,” and stood alongside comedian Park Kyung Lim to show her height.

As she made her debut by appearing as Choi Ji Woo’s younger counterpart in the drama “Stairway in Heaven,” Park Shin Hye talked about how it felt meeting Choi Ji Woo again 10 years later in Hong Kong. “I met Choi Ji Woo in Hong Kong. It was the first time 10 years, and she didn’t recognize me and told me that I grew up so fast,” said Park Shin Hye.