Girls’ Generation’s Yuri And Seohyun Encourage Fans to Vote

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri and Seohyun recently took a photo right after they submitted their ballots for the presidential election.

On December 19, Yuri updated Girls’ Generation’s official home page with a photo and the caption, “Our wish~ would be that you would go out and vote just like us. Your vote means a lot. Yuri and Seohyun have already submitted their votes!” 

In the photo, Yuri and Seo Hyun are posing outside the voting poll and taking a pose in front of the sign. As female idols, they exhibited a great sense in fashion, keeping it simple and chic. They also received nods of approval from netizens for encouraging younger people to vote. 

Netizens who saw the photo and message commented, “Such pretty girls. I just submitted my ballot too”, “Such beauties. They just shine” and “They’re even more adorable now that they’re taking photos of getting out there and voting.”