[Concert Review] SHINee World II in Singapore

By 6:30pm, Shawols, who are mostly young teenage girls, were waiting in anticipation for SHINee‘s second concert in Singapore to start. When the lights finally went off, a sea of green neon light filled the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and “SHINee World II in Singapore” officially commenced. Pyrotechnics, laser beams, water features, two levels circular hydraulic stage, 3D high definition video and even harnesses that suspended the five-members group up in the air, the S$1.8 million production certainly wowed fans from the beginning to the end. I have nearly missed out the ‘spaceship’ that brought the five handsome idols safely to earth, and kick-started the night.

The overwhelming technical and visual stage effects were not the only thing that marked the glittery night. The five members, Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin performed their hearts out, putting up their best throughout the night. 29 songs, in Korean, English, Japanese and even Italian, were certainly a feast for all their die-hard fans. Upbeat familiar numbers like “Lucifer”, “Juliette”, “Sherlock”, and “Ring Ding Dong” had the boys flaunting their synchronized leg works. However, my favorite was the slower pop, “Hello.” There weren’t any special effects, which could both be considered fantastic and distracting, however, we saw the boys in 3D visual effects ‘boxes’, and truly heard their vocals. Simplicity allowed the 5 members to shine forth even brighter. I must admit that heavy ones like “Internet War,” performed by Jong Hyun with Tae Min, was too loud for my taste.

Besides Jong Hyun, the other members also had their own solo performances. Min Ho showed his rendition of “Turn Up the Music,” Tae Min performed “Get Up.” Onew gave his best to Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up”, followed by “Passionate Goodbye.” Key transformed into Lady Gaga with performances to “Hair” and “Judas.” Jong Hyun gave a highly emotional performance of “Y Si Fuera Ella.” 

K-pop concerts are incomplete without generous amount of fan services. For their faithful Shawols, SHINee members put on cute head gears thrown up to stage, went around throwing “SHINee dollar notes” to fans, stopped by to pose as the cameras went clicking away. The night’s jubilant finale had to be the early birthday celebration for Onew and Minho. Both couldn’t run away from having their faces smashed with cakes by fellow members.

The show finally came to an emotional end where each of the members spoke of how grateful they were to receive the overwhelming support from local fans and promised to be back on the island for more great concerts.

Special thanks to organizer Running Into The Sun for inviting Soompi to cover the concert. All non-watermarked images credit Running Into The Sun.

This article is contributed by ds_dreamer.