“Jeon Woo Chi” Ratings Spike in Solo Broadcasting

The solo broadcasting of KBS’ Wednesday/Thursday drama “Jeon Woo Chi”  was a huge advantage.

While the 18th Presidential Elections were taking place on December 19, all three broadcasting stations presented voting polls with the exception of KBS, solely playing variety and drama shows following the usual schedule.

On December 20, the viewers rating investigation company, AGB Nielson Media Research, reported that “Jeon Woo Chi” was broadcast on December 19 and displayed a nationwide average of 11.4%, while previous media records showed 10.3%, which was a 1.1% increase.

During this episode, Jeon Woo Chi (Cha Tae Hyun) becomes suspicious of Ma Sook (Kim Gap Soo) and decides to go tell the King of Chosun Dynasty (Ahn Yong Joon) but is faced with trouble instead. The episode consists of Jeon Woo Chi, who is aware of Ma Sook’s plans, going to meet with the king, Lee Geoh for advice when suddenly the king shouts aloud leaving Jeon Woo Chi in a more fatal situation, raising even bigger suspense for the viewers.

Viewers expressed their thoughts, “The story of Jeon Woo Chi grabbed my attention every time. Whenever issues arose and were resolved in the end, it gave a refreshing yet thrilling sensation, wonder what it is?” “It feels like I’m watching a puzzle game rather than a drama. Puzzle fun ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ concludes while maintaining the broadcasting station!” “Jeon Woo Chi isn’t going to die, right? Hope he’s safe!”

Meanwhile, broadcast simultaneously were MBC‘s second episode of ‘Newsdesk’ with a 7.2% rating and SBS’ “The Nation’s Choice,” which recorded a rating of 12.4%.