Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Can’t Hide Her Excitement for Christmas

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung recently shared a collage of selcas to celebrate the holiday season. Sooyoung’s new profile picture has been circulating online community forums and was taken from her online profile from fan letter site UFO Town.

Sooyoung’s aegyo caught the attention of netizens as she posed before a decorated tree and took photos of herself and a Santa Clause ornament. She made a series of four adorable gestures to greet fans and showed her excitement for the approaching holiday. Netizens also noted her flawless smokey eye make-up and adorable features. 

Netizens who saw the photo collage commented, “Sooyoung grows prettier by the day!”, “Sooyoung looks so feminine and sweet here”, “Her beauty is unparalleled”, “She looks like a doll” and “Hurry up and make a comeback Girls’ Generation!”