Japanese Man Sentenced to 1 Year of Imprisonment for Protesting Against Company That Uses Kim Tae Hee As Endorser

A group of people have been protesting against Rohto Pharmaceutical, which uses Kim Tae Hee as its CF model. The group leader, Nishimura Hitoshi (age 44) has been arrested and sentenced to one year of jail time.

On December 18, Sankei News reported, “A hearing was held for Nishimura Hitoshi and Rohto Pharmaceutical and the courts have sentenced one year of imprisonment for Nishimura Hitoshi.”

According to the indictment, Nishimura Hitoshi, along with 3 other people, visited the Rohto Pharmaceutical building last March and asserted, “Kim Tae Hee claims that Dokdo is Korean territory and she is anti-Japanese.” Reportedly, they threatened and demanded answers from the company about their statements.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hee had been selected to represent Rohto’s cosmetic brand, Yukigokochi and planned to hold a press conference last February. However, due to strong protests, the press conference could not be held and was canceled.