15&’s Park Ji Min Expresses Concern About Her Weight

On December 19, 15&‘s Park Ji Min tweeted, “I don’t take many photos these days. Even if this photo was taken a long time ago, the theme for all my selcas is – Please take some of my cheek fat away,” and uploaded the following selca. 

The selca of Park Ji Min was taken before she went on her diet and features her lovely plump cheeks. The singer continues, however, to express her concerns over her weight. In the photo, Park Ji Min is seen pinching her cheek to show netizens her desperation to lose her baby fat. The singer looked adorable nevertheless with her puppy dog eyes looking into the camera and her subtle exasperation written all over her features. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Park Ji Min’s baby cheeks are so adorable!”, “I like plump cheeks!”, “Park Ji Min, you’re so adorable!” and “When do you release your next album? Your fans are waiting for an update!”