Pure vs Sexy: Kang Min Kyung vs Ga In, Who Wore It Better?

Photos of singers Kang Min Kyung and Brown Eyed Girls‘ maknae Ga In wearing the same sweater surfaced portraying different auras.

On December 20, a photo of ‘Kang Min Kyung vs Ga In’ wearing the same angora red knitted sweater was found. Although the clothing is the same, they gave off different attractions and the reactions were posted on an online community message board.

Kang Min Kyung’s long hair made the overall atmosphere feel very pure, while Ga In wore presented a sensual charm with her black shorts singing her newest song “Bloom.”

Netizens who viewed both Kang Min Kyung and Ga In’s photo stated, “Ga In is very sexy,” “Though their moods are different, they are both my style,” “Ga In’s sexy concept works” and “If only I had a girlfriend like that,” were some of the various comments made.