Rookie Girl Group’s Outfits Too Revealing For Festival Event?

Photos of girl group LAY-T’s past events have sparked a hot topic amongst netizens. In an online community, several photos were put up with the title “Rookie Idol’s Embarrassing Outfits at Festival Event.”

The photos were taken on Buddha’s Birthday (May 5) at the Mt. Chungkyesan Music Festival where LAY-T performed. In the pictures, the group members are wearing revealing short skirts and pants that seem unsuitable for the event and location where they are performing.

LAY-T debuted this year under the new genre “Tisco” (Trot + Disco) with their first album “Lay. T.” Already, two members, Woori and Nara, have left the group.

Netizens who said the pictures had plenty to say. “Even if it’s a performance, it’s too much for a temple,” “The monks probably broke down,” and “Even at a temple there can be cultural, musical, and artistic events, as well as idol group performances” were some comments showing the mixed reactions.

What do you think Soompiers? Were the outfits unsuitable for an event at a temple?