Kang Ji Young and Lizzy Wear Same Cute Outfit

Girl group Kara‘s Kang Ji Young and After School‘s Lizzy chose to style themselves in “young girl” fashion.

On the latest KBS variety show,”Invincible Youth,” Kang Ji Young chose a casual fashion style. On the show, the singer wore a cute dinosaur print ‘Man to Man’ shirt with black skinny jeans. She added a touch of cuteness by wearing a dotted pattern hat.

Lizzy wore the same dinosaur print shirt with her hair in pig tails on the MBC drama”Rascal Sons.”

The “Man to Man”shirts are Mango-Steen brand clothes. The colorful dinosaur print with wine colored neck line creates a feminine look.

The Mango-Steen representative said, “Kang Ji Young and Lizzy are both the youngest members in their groups and thus they wore their clothes like young girls.” “The clothes can be matched with anything, making them very popular.”