Girls’ Generation Releases New Videos for “GiRL de provence” Perfume

On December 20 SM Entertainment released four new videos of Girls’ Generation on their official Youtube channel.

The thirty second videos were commercials advertising the Girls’ Generation inspired new perfume “GiRL de provence.” One video has all the members together and the other three spotlight Yoona, Jessica, and Yuri.

In the first video, the members of Girls’ Generation look like nature goddesses in their simple white dresses and wreaths of flowers in their hair. They walk around in green fields and play with wildflowers as an acoustic song plays in the background.

The solo videos have a romantic feel, and the girls look beautiful and feminine. The shaky unfocused camera movement is reminiscent of vintage videos, especially with the piano background. The girls are dressed in glamorous dresses as they are surrounded by flowers. Yoona smells roses in a deep pink dress as she looks out over a balcony, Jessica walks along a garden with a dreamy expression, and Yuri coyly looks back at the camera as she walks in a forestry setting.

Check out the videos below.