Infinite’s Subunit Infinite H to Comeback in January

Are you ready for some Infinite? And I mean literally… some, or in this case, 2 Infinite members!

An industry insider shared, “Infinite H will release a new song in January and will promote.”

Infinite H consists of members Dongwoo and Hoya. The “H” attached to the group’s original name stands for hip hop and have previously performed “Crying” and “You Look Good” in front of their fans this past February and August at their solo concert. They received hot responses from the fans.

An official from their agency explained, “Infinite H has been working hard to release their album in January. Please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, the subunit will hold a special performance at Mnet’s music program “M! Countdown” on December 20.

Soompiers, do you think they will make a big buzz like other subunits like Orange Caramel and TaeTiSeo?