BEAST’s Yang Yoseob Shows Off His Well Proportioned Body

On December 20, two pictures of BEAST’s Yang Yoseob were released along with a message, “This man is more addictive than caffeine. What shall we do with his charismatic charms? Is there anyone who wants to go to the gym with me? At 6:00PM, let’s get addicted to this guy,” on the official Twitter of “M! Countdown.” 

In the pictures, Yoseob poses for the camera while wearing his stage costume. Despite the fact that Yoseob is not a particularly tall person, he still shows off his perfectly proportioned body. His unique stage costume, as well as his small head, made his lower body look longer and leaner than it actually is. 

Netizens who saw these pictures replied, “His body proportion is perfect. I am so envious,” “His face is so very small,” “You are so cool,” “Even in the celebrity world, his small head is well known.”

Meanwhile, Yoseob won the first place on this day on “M! Countdown” with his solo album “Caffeine.”