Teen Top to Go on a European Tour in 2013

Teen Top will be leaving for a 5 city tour in Europe!

On December 20, according to their agency, TOP Media, Teen Top will throwing a “Teen Top Show! Live Tour In Europe 2013” and will start off the tour in Munich, Germany on February 2. From then until February 10, Teen Top will be traveling to Dortmund, England, France and Spain to meet their European fans.

Last February, Teen Top appeared on a famous French TV show called “Le Grand Journal” and was introduced and praised as “a talented and young Korean group, who has prospects of success in France.” Due to the many requests and love calls from fans for Teen Top to come and perform, the group will be performing on a famous stage where other worldwide pop stars, such as Rihanna, have performed.

Teen Top’s agency spoke, “Teen Top has a wide fandom due to their skilled choreography, addicting songs and flashy performances. We hope that the overseas love for K-Pop will grow with Teen Top’s official overseas tour.”

Meanwhile, Teen Top is preparing their first full length album and will be releasing it early next year. After the album release, they are planning a stand alone concert in Korea.