PSY Gifted Park Jung Hyun for Featuring in His Album

Singer Park Jung Hyun revealed that PSY had given her a laptop as a present.

The episode of “Happy Together 3” that aired on December 3 was a Christmas music concert special and guested several artists who are throwing Christmas concerts including Park Jung Hyun, Kim Bum Soo, Yoon Jong Shin and Jo Jung Chi.

Park Jung Hyun shared that usually, artists gladly agree to feature in another artist’s song when they have a close relationship or know each other well.

However, she revealed that she had no ties with PSY but he called her one day, saying that he was a fan and that he hoped to work on some music with her some day. 

Park Jung Hyun shared that she was very busy at the time since she was preparing for a concert. So at first, she rejected his offer. But she said that PSY contacted her numerous times after that and that she couldn’t say no anymore. So she agreed to feature in one of his songs, “What Would Have Been.”

After the album was released, it was very successful so Park Jung Hyun said that she felt good about it. She also revealed that PSY gifted her with a laptop as a sign of thanks, which made everyone jealous.