Park Bo Young Looks Innocent Yet Sexy in “In Style”

Recently in the fashion magazine “In Style,” actress Park Bo Young displayed her beauty. For the concept of “Flower Print Look,” Park Bo Young wore several feminine outfits to show off innocent yet mature look. This particular style was designed for the women in their early 20’s.

Before the photoshoot, Park Bo Young stated, “It has been a while since I participated in a pictorial so I was really nervous. I studied from different magazines and practiced in front of the mirror.”

However despite her worries, the official from the photoshoot later revealed, “Park Bo Young posed very professionally. She had nothing to worry about.”

During an interview, Park Bo Young announced, “What I would like to do the most nowadays are driving and Pilates.” She also added, “In 10 years, I hope to become much more mature. I want to become a responsible actress.”

Meanwhile, Park Bo Young’s flowery pictorial can be seen on the January issue of “In Style.”