Will Girls’ Generation’s New Song Be Cute or Charismatic?

After Girls’ Generation revealed that they will be releasing a new song on December 21 at 10 AM, the public has been wondering what kind of style they will use.

The track to be released has reportedly been prepared years ago. Since Girls’ Generation showed a multitude of styles throughout the years, including cute, bright and charismatic, it is difficult to find out which style they will use this time.

When Girls’ Generation debuted in 2007, they had a gentle and healthy image. They went for the cute look for their mega hit “Gee” and then they showed off their sexy legs for “Genie” in 2009. In 2011, Girls’ Generation returned with a strong and charismatic image through “The Boys.”

SM Entertainment has not revealed anything about the track yet. Many are curious as to what Girls’ Generation’s next move would be. Furthermore, since this is a come back after a long period of absence (1 year and 3 months), anticipation is running extra high.

It is reported that the track is a well-known and famous song and has been remade to fit Girls’ Generation’s style. Many are curious as to which song by which artist it is.

Official promotions for Girls’ Generation’s fourth album will start early next year.

Soompiers, which style do you want to see for Girls’ Generation’s new song?