Oh Ji Eun Compares Herself to Her Character Sung Min Ah in “King of Dramas”

Actress Oh Ji Eun currently plays the role of the top star Sung Min Ah in SBS’s drama “King of Dramas.” Recently in an interview, Oh Ji Eun stated, “I am completely the opposite of the character Sung Min Ah. She is glamorous and feminine, while I am a tomboy.”

In “King of Dramas,” Sung Min Ah is a perfect actress with both beauty and talent. She is a perfectionist with a strong and argumentative personality.

Oh Ji Eun admitted, “There is a lot to learn from Sung Min Ah. She is a perfectionist who tries her best in everything. It is something I should learn from as an actress. I think that by playing this role, I have found a different side of myself.”

Oh Ji Eun continued, “I am so thankful for the love and support this drama is receiving from the viewers. I am learning a lot from working in this drama, and I will try harder to be the best actress I can be.”