Ex-T-ara Member Hwayoung to Join Lee Min Jung’s Agency and Make a Career Change?

Ex-T-ara member Hwayoung is considering joining MSteam Entertainment, home to A-list actresses like Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Jung, and Moon Chae Won.

According to an industry insider, Hwayoung has had several meetings with MSteam Entertainment, and they are currently finalizing minor details on her contract. Back in July, Hwanyoung became a free agent singer when Core Contents Media terminated her contract with no conditions attached following the T-ara/Hwayoung controversy.

By joining MSteam Entertainment, which currently houses only actors, it appears that Hwayoung is considering a career change, possibly leaving behind her days as a singer to try her hand in acting. Additionally, Hwayoung has expressed her desire to pursue acting, enrolling at Kyunghee University as a theater major.

A representative of Hwayoung’s camp revealed, “Since leaving Core Contents, Hwayoung has received love calls from several music related agencies. However, she has expressed her desire to focus more on acting than singing. As such, she has been meeting with agencies that are more focused in the acting industry.” A representative of MSteam Entertainment also confirmed, “We have met with Hwayoung, and we are currently thinking about it positively.”