Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young Show Legs, Legs, Legs as Male Versions of Sistar

If the members of Girls’ Generation are the current dancing queens, well, these 4 are the current drag queens.

On December 20, Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young, Dick Punks Kim Hyun Woo and Hong Ga Ram transformed into the male versions of Sistar as part of their special performance within “Super Star K 4 TOP 12 Concert.”

Their outfit is a dead giveaway to which song they performed. The form fitting black leather dress with huge slits reveal their legs and leaves little to the imagination. They received much cheers from the female fans in the crowd as they performed Sistar’s “Alone.”

Meanwhile, the concert will travel to local cities like Incheon (December 24), Daegu (December 25), Gwangju (December 28), Suwon (December 29) and Busan (December 31).