Long-time IU Fan Confesses: “I Like Her Music More Than Her Looks”

On MBC‘s “Strongest Victor Quiz Show Q,” one of the participant was revealed to be a hardcore IU fan. As to why he loved IU, he said, “I like IU’s music more than her looks.”

On the special Christmas edition, MC Son Bum Soo, Park Myung Soo and IU made a surprise guest appearance on the show for the participants. On the show, IU acknowledged a longtime fan saying, “Seo Joon Hyuk has followed me since my debut and has always supported me. We’re almost the same age, so we act like friends,” expressing her happiness in meeting the fan again.

Park Myung Soo turned to the fan and jokingly asked, “What do you like most about IU? Her face?” to which Seo Joon Hyuk responded, “I like her music. Honestly, her face isn’t my style.” 

In response to Seo Joon Hyuk’s unexpected response, IU said, “Have I gotten prettier since then?” showing a friendly regard for her longtime fan.