Lee Hyori Leaves for America to Work on New Album

It’s been revealed that Lee Hyori is hard at work preparing for her comeback to the local music scene.

Her agency shared that the beautiful philanthropist went to Incheon International Airport on December 19 and left for LA. She will be working with well-known composers for her new album.

She recently shared her thoughts during an interview with a law professor at Seoul National University, “I’ve changed so much and it’s now awkward performing songs similar to the ones I’ve performed in the past. I wasn’t able to release an album because I wasn’t sure what kind of song I wanted to do.”

On December 20, a representative close to Lee Hyori shared, “I can’t reveal the composer’s name at the moment, but the person has previously created big hits in Korea.”

It’s been revealed that she left on the evening of December 19 because she wanted to vote for the 18th Presidential Elections.

Lee Hyori was previously swept up in a plagiarism controversy in 2010 with her 4th studio album “H-Logic.” It turned out that 6 songs have been plagiarized and she has since spent her efforts on more social issues like helping the elderly and abandoned dogs.