Han Hyo Joo Looks Striking with Fire Engine Red Hair

Actress Han Hyo Joo recently participated on a photo shoot for “ELLE” for its January issue, where she also gave an interview. 

She talked about her latest movie “Band-Aid,” where she plays the character of a charismatic doctor named Misoo. Han Hyo Joo started, “Honestly, I have never played a character that was so playful, so it was awkward at first. But as time passed, it started to come naturally.” 

In the film, she acts opposite of Go Soo. Regarding her co-star, she revealed, “I am thankful for Go Soo for being able to express the difficult and subtle mental states of his character so well.” When asked what her ideal type, she replied, “I like a bright and healthy man who my mother and I can lean on. They’re so hard to come by, but I would love to meet a guy who would embrace me close, like a mother would, in a loving way.”

Han Hyo Joo collaborated with Salvatore Ferragamo for the photo shoot and participated in the “Share Happiness” project. She shared, “Since the job of an actress is to receive the love of many people, I think giving it back is only right.” Han Hyo Joo also said she is currently supporting research through donations as well.