Won Bin Looks Good Even Without Double Eyelids

Won Bin’s flawless appearance wasn’t interfered even if one used photoshop and got rid of his double eyelids.

On December 21, one online community posted, “The Importance of Female Actresses Showing Their Double Eyelids.” The message also included photoshopped images of female actresses’ double eyelids removed.

As the double eyelids digitally disappeared, the faces of the female actresses altered quite drastically as opposed to when they actually had the extra flap of skin. As the women actresses’ humiliations continued, a picture of altered Won Bin didn’t seem all that different which grabbed much attention.

The message “Whether it’s there or not” was attached to Won Bin’s photo stirring much laughter. 

Netizens commented, “Sorry we couldn’t protect the female actress,” “Seems like Won Bin is a real god,” “Are double eyelids Won Bin’s taste too?” were some of the diverse reactions given.