[Ceci] Who? What? Wear? Ft. Suzy, Goo Hara & More!

Only the most fashionable celebrities can attend the 2013 S/S fashion week and beauty events. This fall, stars flocked to the events looking absolutely divine from head to toe. However, out of all the celebrities there, several of them stood out from the rest with their great style.

It’s almost the end of the year, and you’re probably stressing over what to wear to that year-end party. Well, hopefully, taking a look at what kind of it-items stars wore to fashion week will give you some inspiration as to what you should wear!

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Jo Yoon Hee: Jewel Point

“She really wanted to show a different side of her, something apart from her Yi Sook character. To emphasize her elegant charms, we went with a paisley patterned dress and matched it with black jeweled heels. Was the transformation successful?” by Sun Hee Jung (stylist) 

She’s more known to the public as Yi Sook from the tremendously popular weekend drama, “You Rolled in Unexpectedly.” It’s quite apparent that she tried to erase traces of her former character, who was sweet but not the most fashion-savvy girl in the neighborhood.

Shoes by Rene Caovilla (price undisclosed) 


Go Joon Hee: Red Attack

“Because Go Joon Hee’s complexion is so pale, she looks great in red. However, we didn’t want to overdo the red, as it could look overbearing. So we decided to keep it simple with a black heel.” By Kim Ji Hye (stylist)

 Was the color red always this beautiful? Go Joon Hee wore a figure hugging red dress, which was detailed with lace. She also showed off her taste for fashion by understanding that too much of anything could be overbearing and by complementing her red dress with black accessories.

Shoes by Carolina Herrera (approx. 700,000KRW)

Yoon Seung Ah: Violet Power

“The violet lacey dress was enough to attract eyes. Therefore, we kept everything else simple with black accessories.” By Yun Mi(stylist) 

There’s nothing better than lace when you’re dressing up for a party. Yoon Seeung Ah looked lovely and feminine in a violet lacey dress The unbalanced cut on the dress was a good choice for Yoon Seung Ah, who has a petite figure.

Dressy by Steve J & Yoni P (698,000KRW)


miss A’s Suzy: Simple Black

“We spent a considerable amount of time deciding on what she should wear because it was an event that chose the style icon of the year. She’s shown her lovely, girly side quite often. As such, we went with a special sleek black look for this day.” By Hong Hye Won (stylist)

Was she tired of wearing white all the time? Susy made her appearance at the Style Icon Awards dressed in all black. It was a very sleek and sexy look, and Suzy shined in it.

Shoes by Moschino (1,070,000KRW)

Seo Hyo Rim: Nature Feminine

No matter what the event, if you overdress, you will look and feel uncomfortable. However, going with a natural and casual look just didn’t fit with the time, place, and occasion. We had to find the right balance. We ended up matching some bold necklace with a soft sweater and slit skirt.

Seo Hyo Rim dressed down in soft angora knitted sweater and long skirt. However, it was her slit skirt that added the sexy, chic touch. She was able to exude her taste for fashion by dressing up what appears to be a natural and casual outfit.

Bag by Coccinelle (930,000KRW)


KARA’s Goo Hara: Lovely Girl

“In order to emphasize Hara’s bright personality, we decided to dress her in a yellow pleated skirt. We dressed up her look with a knit top and shoes that had beaded details. We add a fun and cute element to her look with mini-bag. “ by Song Soo Hyun (stylist)

She looked absolutely lovely in an eye-popping yellow skirt. Her micro-mini bag added an adorable touch to her look.

Bag by Mulberry (600,000KRW)

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