Wonder Girls’ Sunye and Hyelim Share 4 Feel-Good Selcas

A lot of mothers often say they feel full by looking at their children eating their meal that they worked hard to prepare. Here, it’s easy to feel good looking at these two Wonder Girls’ members being genuinely close with one another.

On December 21, Hyelim updated her twitter with the message “With my lovely unni” and included a whopping 4 sets of selcas.

Inside the pictures, the two girls pose comfortably showing their strong friendship. Hyelim sports a cute red-wire hair accessory and matches it with red-color nail polish. Sunye looks better than ever despite being busy with wedding preparations.

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, “They are both so pretty,” “Sunye looks really happy smiling so big like that,” “Sunye, you must be busy preparing for your wedding.”

Meanwhile, Sunye’s wedding announcement on November 27 shocked the entertainment industry. She announced that her wedding will be on January 26 and is currently preparing for her wedding.