G-Dragon’s Doppleganger Gyumin to Debut as Rapper

G-Dragon‘s doppleganger Gyumin, who previously garnered much attention when he appeared in Chuseok special program, “Hallyu Olympics,” announced that he is to officially begin his music career as a rapper.

Gyumin will make is debut with the help of Csp, the leader of hip hop duo Crispy Crunch, and his indie label, Next Door Entertainment. Without any exclusive contracts, Gyumin will release his debut single with Next Door Entertainment. Csp of Crispy Crunch commented, “I’ve always wanted Gyumin, who is very diligent and well-mannered, to do well. I want him to take this chance to appeal himself to a good agency, where he could go establish himself.” 

Gyumin also commented, “I’ve always liked G-Dragon from his fashion and styling to music. So I’ve been practicing my rapping skills as well as studying musical composition. I know I have much to learn, but I would like to become a rapper whom G-Dragon recognizes and approves as a colleague.”

Gyumin previously garnered attention by looking exactly like G-Dragon in Crispy Crunch’s music video “Men Boong Time“. Many G-Dragon fans and online trolls left hateful comments about him, criticizing his resemblance to the idol, but Gyumin responded to these comments with sincerity.